26 August, 2006

Hello. My initial post

After all sorts of delays, here is my first attempt at a blog.

I shall call in a few times each fortnight (= 2 weeks) to see if anyone has had anything to say so don't expect an instant response. After all, I grew up in an age when letters took a few days to arrive and a few more days for the reply to get back.

Be as robust as you like with any of your comments .... but ..... it would be better if you attacked the standpoint of somebody you disagreed with rather than the person themselves.

Taking an unpopular standpoint is fine (even if it is a standpoint that infuriates me) ...... but incitements to commit acts of violence will not be tolerated.

That said, if you wish to leave a comment, please do so.


FXH said...

good to see you out and about. So to speak.

Anonymous said...

Welcome. You think you can just wander in a few times each fortnight, like some stockman hitting the post office?

HA! We'll see.

- david tiley

naomi said...

congratulations - looks good so far

Ungrateful Troublemaker said...

David Tiley:
:-) Well that's the plan .... imposed by slight unwealthiness, steam-powered gold-plated dial-up [what's "broadband" in English?], a wife who dislikes late night tap-tap ...... and the frightening reality that by the time the creaky computer gets from "on" to "leave a comment" all my brilliant thoughts have fled or died of old age.