29 October, 2006

Children of Politicians not in Military

For many, many years now, whenever I mentioned the moral cowardice of politicians and other urgers in sending everyone else off to war but avoiding military service themselves, I copped a torrent of vilification

..... much of it from war heroes, men with distinguished military service..

Again, whenever I mentioned the Defence force (=armed forces) lacked the children of outspoken politicians, prominent public servants (=civil servants) and other well-known identities ..... [and yes, I am aware that a few such, like the son of Colonel and Senator Newman, have had military service] ..... I copped abuse and scorn

.... much of it from war heroes, men with distinguished military service ....

Yesterday, one of Australia's major newspapers, "THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN" October 28~29, 2006. page 7, columns 1 & 2., "No pollies' children in military", Roy Eccleston reported that retired Admiral Chris Barrie has asked whether the nation's politicians are more comfortable sending other people's children to war than their own.

I roared laughing when I read the last sentence of that article " The Prime Minister's office had no response to Admiral Barrie's comments". ...... and now, a day and a half since that edition of the newspaper hit the streets, there has still been no comment from all the "wardroom warriors" and "mess heroes" who had cracks at me about this over the years. Ha..ha..ha..

Anyway, .... WELCOME ABOARD, ADMIRAL .....

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