07 January, 2008

Back .... and badder than ever!

Sorry folks.

Thought I had somehow locked myself out of my own blog. Tried everything and nothing worked. What was going on .... or not going on??

Anyway, quite recently, some software that had been giving me a lot of trouble was flung into orbit as a frisbee and replaced with "cheaper" and much better software designed for much the same job. Just for fun, I tried yet again to get into my own blog .... and "Open Sesame" at the first try .... so here I am again.

A lot has happened. The Howard regime fell in a somewhat dodgy election but thankfully it all happened without a fake state-of-emergency being called and without any violence at all. David Hicks has been returned to Australia. A long-overdue apology to the Aboriginal people of Australia is being planned; no sign of any apology yet from the former colonial power, Britain.

2008 looks like an exciting year .... so hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride. :-).

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